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Alternative Voice for San Jose:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for San Jose City Council District 1, 2022

San Jose A's

Philosophically I am opposed to bringing the A’s to San Jose. Based on the wages given to them, entertainers and sports celebrities are viewed as more important in value than police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, and people serving occupations. I believe it is time that we as a community reprioritize what we view as important. The land used by the baseball stadium would be better served as an area to bring jobs that pay livable wages.

Nevertheless, if the San Jose A’s become a reality, than it should be put up to vote for the people of San Jose. If the people of San Jose want this in the city, I will support them. However, as an individual vote on the city council I stand opposed (before an election occurs).

There are two issues that concern me should the San Jose A’s become reality:

  1. The conditions of low wage workers being employed by the facility
  2. How a strike or lockout would affect surrounding businesses

If this becomes a reality, I would like to ensure that the low wage workers who are employed have full opportunity to be represented by unions. In the event of a strike or lockout, I would like to see a deal brokered that would compensate the businesses should those situations occur. Of course, that is only if the businesses would like that to be part of the package.