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Alternative Voice for San Jose:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for San Jose City Council District 1, 2022

Civic Involvement

As a city, state, and nation it is important for citizens to exercise their democratic right to vote. Sadly, many citizens do not take this responsibility seriously. Elected leaders are making decisions that affect just about every aspect of a citizen’s life. In the city of San Jose decisions are made that affect such things as to how we will recycle our trash, the amount of wages that employees get paid, how much development will go on in the city, how land will get used, and whether schools get built or not. There are many more decisions like this that are made but those are just some examples. In a recent Santa Clara county supervisor election only around twenty percent (around that figure) of the registered voters showed up to make an important decision for the county. If we are to survive as a democracy, this has to change. I would like to get as many citizens of my district signed up on the email list. If they are computer illiterate I intend to make an attempt to communicate with those citizens as well. I hope to periodically set up tables with staff members around the district (with the permission of local businesses) to work in getting more people involved in the electoral process. I also hope to encourage many people to volunteer their time to assist the district, city, and other organizations.