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Alternative Voice for San Jose:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for San Jose City Council District 1, 2022

Disabled, Elderly, and Poor

I intend to do as much as I am allowed in the position of city councilman to assist the disabled community, senior citizens, and the poor in our community. It concerns me that many of those that are disabled are unable to find employment. I hope to assist in making that process better in my district as well as the city of San Jose. It will be important to me to be a part of ensuring that facilities throughout the district and city are “friendly” to the disabled community.

The programs that exist for seniors at the community centers throughout San Jose and the district must continue. I will fight for that as a priority in the San Jose budget. Seniors should have access to affordable, nutritious, and tasty meals at the community centers. Budget priorities should include accessible and affordable housing for seniors. Transportation issues will be an important issue as well.

While many in San Jose are doing well financially, we have a population of lower income residents in the district and San Jose who are struggling economically. I intend to work on behalf of the poorer folks in the community. This will be a budget priority as well.