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Alternative Voice for San Jose:

tim gildersleeve

Candidate for San Jose City Council District 1, 2022

National Decline

Our nation was greatly influenced by the philosophy of Christendom. Our philosophical foundation is shifting toward secular humanism. Answers to life’s questions are sought strictly from man. In my opinion, this is the engine driving our national decline.

Economic decline

In my opinion the “golden age” of America (so to speak) for working conditions was from roughly about 1945 to the late 1970’s. We have had prosperity since then and many are doing well economically. However, currently only 47 percent of all workers are full time. Our unemployment rate remains high and many can not find work. We have a 13 trillion dollar debt as a nation. While we have a great medical system in terms of care, health care costs are out of control and workers now have to bear much more of the cost for medical care than they have in the past. Jobs are being created, but many are low wage jobs and part time. Discrimination against older workers is happening in America and many have been forced out of the work place. Younger workers who are well qualified after they graduate are having difficulty finding reasonable jobs. An income inequality between the wealthiest Americans and lower paid Americans continues to grow. Once upon a time in America, when one graduated from college if they got a job and did their work well, job insecurity was not the issue it is now. Union power has been diminished and as a result working conditions have taken a step backward.

Moral decline

The family unit is under attack. Once in America, the culture would “work with” the family to raise children. Our culture is corrupted (but note we have never been “perfect” or had a “golden era” of morality). We have become very violent as a culture. Our cities are violent, our movies our violent, our TV shows are violent, some of our music is violent, and some of our sports are violent. Many have become “desensitized” to this violence. Materialism is widespread and many who have much (though not all) care little for those who are in poverty or struggling. A mixed message is being sent to young women and men (especially women). On the one hand, we desire to see our women progressing upward, but many aspects of our culture teach us to view women as “sexual objects.” Many men have abandoned their responsibility to be good fathers and husbands.

Note: There are many people doing many good deeds and are upstanding citizens in America and San Jose. People are quietly giving of their time and volunteering, giving generous sums of money to help people in need, and working hard in their jobs to make the society we live in a better place. But we are gradually being engulfed by evil fueled by selfishness and sin.